Where to pick up girls in Philadelphia, PA?

Despite being a rather sprawling city, finding girls to pick up in Philadelphia is a real game. Proper locations are few and far between. In fact, many people actually just meet them randomly by going to various ‘interest clubs’ around the area. In this article however I want to discuss what I feel are a few of the best locations in Philadelphia, PA for picking up women if you are new to the area.

Let’s start with Fluid Nightclub. The music may not be to everybody’s tastes here, but a lot of girls from Philadelphia do choose to frequent the area. In fact, it is also a favorite for those that aren’t even from the area, so expect a number of exchange students galore throughout this building. You should be able to find someone fairly easy here, providing you use the right moves. The drinks are also fairly cheap, which is a positive!

If you are heading to Philadelphia in October then you absolutely need to head to ‘Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant‘. Now, throughout the rest of the year it isn’t anything too special. However, one day in October (it changes each year) they have a one day ‘singles festival’ and as you can probably guess, it is swarming with girls. I don’t really suggest heading here otherwise though.

As I mentioned at the start, locations to pick up girls, bar wise at least, are few and far between in Philadelphia. This means that you need to look into other options. Top of the list’s Macy’s. After all, a lot of girls frequent this story in order to pick up all manner of goods. You will notice a lot of singles around here. So don’t be afraid, just get chatting to them! If you want to head to a different area, also based around shopping, which is going to be chock full of girls then I suggest you head to Terminal Market. Lots of food on offer too, and the easy girls should be fairly easy to spot!

Back to the bars a little now. Perhaps my favourite is ‘Drinker’s Tavern‘ which is found in the old town. Here the girls tend to be very easy to talk to, and there is a lot of action here on a Friday and Saturday night. Mainly down to how cheap the drink is. If you are heading here one of these days then your best bet to hook up is to head there between 9 and 11pm.

College girls your thing? If so, Copabanana is an awesome place to head. It has a very ‘Spanish’ feel to it, and it is open up all day, so if you have a bit of time to kill, head to this bar. Located just a short distance from here is Vango Lounge and Skybar which is suitable for those that are on the lookout for international college students.

This is just a brief list of the various places in Philadelphia. Sadly however, there aren’t many locations for you to head. This is a positive for you though, it means that most of the girls are going to be concentrated on just a few locations!

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