Where to Pick up Girls in Montreal, Quebec

If your goal is to meet a hip and friendly girl, there may not be a better city than Montreal. One could virtually walk into any establishment and find more than a few beautiful girls worthy of striking up a conversation with. Still not sure where to go? Check out these popular locations packed full of single girls just waiting to be enamored.

Looking for a stylish and trendy girl? Velvet is jam packed with them and although the exterior doesn’t look promising with its brick, the interior is divine and the candlelight offers more ambiance than anyone needs to set the tone for the night. Any day from Thursday to Sunday this place is full of friendly and sexy women and it has the best DJs in the area who play a wide range of music which isn’t so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation.

This is an elite establishment complete with dress codes so dress to impress. If you’re looking for the model type girl, this is the place to find her as most of the women are upscale and refined and you may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two! Get here early as it fills up fast and past 10:00 p.m. you may not be granted access at all. The drinks are yummy and the women even more attractive.

St. Laurent StreetMap
This entire street is lined with some of the trendiest meeting places and clubs and you can start at one end and work your way up and down if variety is your thing. A very happening place for women and girls of all ages, be sure to check out Biftek which has plenty of girls and cheap drinks as well as Jupiter or Blue Dog for university girls and drink specials with no cover charge.

Tokyo BarMap
This is a fabulous spot for finding friendly girls that are maintenance free to spark up a conversation with. The best nights here are Thursdays and Sundays and it offers a club like atmosphere that is fun, flirty and unpretentious. There are plenty of drink specials and great music as well and when it gets too hot inside, peruse the outside deck which is usually crawling with girls too.

Old Port/VieuxMap
There are quite a few hot spots to find girls in this area of Montreal which include the Garde Manger, a quaint restaurant by day which turns into a premiere club scene at night. The food here is amazing and the atmosphere at night transforms into an eccentric and hip place to have a drink, dance and mingle with the opposite sex.

Thursday’s is another great place for singles looking to mingle. It has several different rooms to meet and greet in as well as a club area downstairs which plays amazing music. The drink prices are reasonable and the ages here range from older 20s to late 40s for the most part. The main areas upstairs consist of two large rooms where food is served and offers a relaxing atmosphere to talk in. It is also adjacent to a hotel which has a swimming pool and upscale restaurant.

For a wild night where pretty girls are known to dance and give lap dances into the wee hours of the morning, this is the place to be. The split level club is more than a little happening and some heavy partiers are known to make this their last pit stop of the night. The demographics are a little older (30s and up) and the DJs are fantastic. The outdoor terrace is a great place to relax and step away from the music. Get here before 10:00 p.m. as this is an early crowd!

If the pub atmosphere is your taste, this is a perfect spot to meet pretty girls though it can be tough to maneuver through on your first visit as there are mazes of rooms and hallways all off the main bar area. Once you find your way around though, it is a cool spot that has the main facility area as well as a separate room with live band entertainment and another area which is quieter and where you can dine in peace. For the pub loving crowd, this is a popular nightlife spot.

Club Electric AvenueMap
Also popular with the ladies is the ultra-trendy Electric Avenue which caters to a younger crowd and those who love to revisit the 80s. The music is slamming and the dance floor is always packed with girls looking for dance partners. The downstairs is decorated in retro style décor and is a perfect place for taking a break from the loud music and chatting. For a retro and underground feel, here is the place to be and most nights there is no cover and the dress is relaxed, albeit chic.

Peel PubMap
For a young crowd, mostly consisting of college aged girls, the Peel Pub is infamous to Montreal and is always streaming with young and excited girls who want to have a good time. As a bonus there is no cover charge to get it, the dress is informal and the food and drinks are crazy inexpensive.

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