Where to pick up girls in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix in Arizona isn’t exactly famed for being a ‘must visit’ destination for men that want to pick up ladies. Just because it doesn’t hold this reputation though, doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic place to visit. In fact, judging by the scores of fantastic nightclub and bars on offer here, I truly believe that it is one of the best out there. Let’s take a little look at various places you can head whilst in Phoenix, AZ.

If you want to head to a nice ‘lounge style’ bar, then you absolutely need to head to Merc Bar in Downtown Phoenix. There are plenty of drinks on offer here, and some pretty fantastic food. It isn’t frequented by a lot of single ladies compared to some of the others you will see on this list, but I do feel as though some of the prettiest lurk here.

Amsterdam is a bar which is normally famed for being one of the top gay bars in Phoenix. Don’t let this put you off though. Lurk on the patio outside and you will see a lot of beautiful women scuttle on by, perfect for watching people to work out how to talk to in my opinion!

Filmbar is a cross between a movie theatre and a bar. Which of course means that it is frequented by a lot of people who are out for a bit of fun, including a lot of single ladies. As it is a movie theatre, you already have your first date planned too!

Sanctum. I absolutely love this nightclub. The theme is absolutely sublime. Whilst it is open every single day of the week playing great music and offering cheap drinks, if you are in the market for some lovely ladies, I suggest that you head here on a Saturday. Be aware though, it fills up incredibly quickly!

Postino is the place to head if you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated woman. This is a wine bar in a stunning setting, and a lot of ‘high flying’ types head here after a long day at work. I suggest you get here sooner in the day to have your pick of the best ones.

SideBar. This to me seems like a very traditional bar, and yes, there are men here, but there are a lot of women too who are interested in a fantastic drink. I suggest heading here early in the evening as many women come here before heading out to some of the main clubs around Phoenix.

PHX Night Club is a fantastic club playing wonderful music. There is no cover for women before 11pm, which means that a lot of them are attracted to this location. For this reason, I suggest heading before 11pm, that way you have your pick of some pretty beautiful girls. Many stay here and party the night away. So if you only want to head to one location in Phoenix, make this it!

Bar Smith is a small bar, but it has a lot of attitude. The dance floor here is heralded is one of the best in Phoenix. So why not put on your dancing shoes and scuttle on over to here? There is a lot of women on offer. Just make sure you can dance.

Crescent Ballroom isn’t as ‘fancy’ as it sounds. A lot of great bands play here from time to time. And of course, gigs are the perfect place to pick up women right?

If you like a good bar, then the best place to head is Copper Blues. Lots of different beers on offer here. You will be surprised how much that attracts women! It is also fairly quiet too, which means chatting to them shouldn’t be too difficult either.

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