Where to pick up girls in Seattle, WA?

UPDATED *** Jun-Jul 2015 ***

Seattle’s nightlife scene has a concentration of underground clubs and swanky Euro-spaces, which share the nightlife landscape with upscale hotel lounges and live music venues. The highest rated SERP sites based in the Seattle location were tallied and the results are in! The hottest clubs for singles have been ranked in order of popularity based on customer reviews. Most searches are run by neighborhood, category and price, but (for once), get ready to pick up the next night out based on true hookup ability. This top ten is comprised of the top nightclubs with higher concentration on dancing, entertainment and fun. Oh, and don’t be surprised if there is an additional feature in the formula from ratio of guys to girls or vice versa. What’s good for the guys is good for the girls, too. According to Seattle.com, clubzone.com, thrillist.com and yelp.com, here is a cumulative top ten of must haves on everyone’s list of clubs based on what singles are enjoying most. After compiling and analyzing information from Seattle.com, clubzone.com, thrillist.com and yelp.com, here is a list of top ten in Seattle.

Top Clubs in Seattle Best for Singles

Trinity Hands down, this was the most popular place to go for young, hip, singles. Every category agreed. For a good time, this is the place to be. It has three nightlife experiences in one. The Main Room has all the action. It features a large dance floor, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems and a DJ booth constructed from a pulpit? What? Find elegance and relaxation in the red Card Room, or ultra-trendy lighting in the Blue Room. The club attracts top talent from across the country. Ask around and you’ll find that this one defines the Seattle scene at its core. The drink specials and discounts don’t hurt either.

Alibi Room Girls dress to the nines in this club. So, if you want to impress these glitzy partiers, you’ll have to put on your “A” game.

Foundation Nightclub Check it out, guys. The ladies love this one!

Neighbors Depending on the type of crowd you want to hang with, you’ll most likely have more fun letting loose on one of these three dance floors. Its popularity is unmatched, no matter who you ask.

Contour A place to show of your pure dance moves.

Showbox at the Market seem to have more of the young and hip crowds.

Re-Bar This one was on just about everyone’s top ten list. With its gay/straight/artsy crowd, you’re sure to find an eclectic group of people on the floor dancing to an array of techno jams.

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