Dating in Boston

Dating in Boston is incredibly easy. It is no coincidence that the city has been regularly been voted as one of the top places for singles looking for love in the whole of the United States. In this article I am going to teach you some of the basics of dating in Boston, right from finding the right girls, all the way through to your date. I can’t possibly cover everything, but it certainly is a good start for any further research you may wish to carry out!

First and foremost, you need to know where to pick up girls in Boston! Honestly, you really do have your pick of a plethora of places. You have the University Area, which of course contains bars packed full of young, single women. Or you can head to some of the many other bars and clubs in downtown Boston. Many of the girls in Boston are surprisingly outgoing, so don’t be afraid to chat to them! The worst response you can get is a no.

If partying isn’t your style, then you can also meet girls (which share common interests) at sports games, coffee bars, adult education classes, parks, or simply walking around! Once again, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Put those confidence issues behind you, or you won’t find anybody.

So you have found the perfect girl? That’s brilliant! Now you need to know where to take them on a date. Hopefully by now you would have found out some of their interests, and thus will have a perfect idea of where to take them. This is my ‘go to’ list for dating in Boston:

  • Sports! We absolutely love sports here, and thus there are plenty of venues to head to in order to take in a game. Of course, you do need to know that the girl loves sports, otherwise the date won’t go too smoothly!
  • Don’t forget to take your date on a romantic meal either! There are plenty of options here for you. Make a note of the type of food that they love, or just choose a restaurant that has a bit of everything. Don’t forget to foot the bill for them either, can’t get much more romantic than that!
  • Why not have a relaxed afternoon? There are plenty of quieter places to head. Why not have a picnic in the Public Garden before heading on the world famous Swan Boats? Nothing is more romantic than this!
  • You could also go to a concert or show. There are plenty of venues throughout the city which are perfect for dating in Boston. Although not ideal for a first date, you won’t be getting too much talking in.

Just follow some of these tips, or use it as a starter guide and Dating in Boston should be a breeze. If you can’t find a date, or simply find it difficult heading up to girls on the street, then you can always try dating websites or similar, there are plenty of girls to choose on these websites.

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