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Whilst Houston isn’t generally ‘top of the list’ for people to go to when looking for girls, the fourth biggest city in the United States certainly does have a number of places to head if you are looking for the better gender. Sadly though, many people regard the male to female ration when heading to bars in Houston to be rather lackluster so you will need to make your move early if you want to ensure a good time for that evening.

Remember, like most places, if you are picking up girls in Houston you will want to remain friendly and courteous to any women that you approach. I will let you in on a little secret here, women absolutely love ‘pick up lines’ so if you use them you won’t have too much success here. Strike up a conversation early on in the night, stay being you and you are highly likely to be going home with one of the finer ladies of this city that evening. Let’s take a little look at the best places to pick up girls in Houston.

In my opinion, one of the best places to pick up girls in Houston is at ‘the flying saucer’. This wonderful bar has 85 beers on tap and serves food until 2am at the weekend. It is therefore a place where many people flock. The music is fairly decent and you are most likely going to be able to find a girl to talk to pretty quickly and they do love a chat here! Just make sure you buy her a drink, after all, you are in one of the best bars in Houston.

If you like your women a bit sophisticated then you absolutely need to head close to the university. It is backed full of intelligent girls in Houston looking to have a great time. The bars around here are small, but that shouldn’t matter too much. Smaller bars make it much easier to find a woman to talk to, and perhaps get to know a little bit better! Rice Village is one of the best places to go here both during the day and of the evening. It seems to be the place where most of the university students hang out.

Looking for some of the best clubs in Houston? Then you need to go to Washington Avenue. This is where all of the celebs hang out and you can party into the wee hours here. It is a bit difficult to get here though but there are a number of shuttle buses heading from downtown Houston to this place. One of the best places to go here is Reserve 101 but almost everywhere you go will be filled with some of the most beautiful girls in Houston.

Finally if you really want to get in with the ‘hip’ crowd then you need to head to Downtown Houston. It is packed to the brim with girls after a slightly more unique man and of course being in the center of Houston ensures that the places is swarming at all hours.

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