Best Places to Pick Up Girls

For some reason, one of the biggest problems that the majority of guys have is the fact that they don’t know where to pick up girls. This is slightly obscure since girls are almost everywhere that you go. In this article I am going to take a little look at the very best of the best places to find girls. Of course, this isn’t a definitive guide, but it will go to prove that if you really want to find a girl, then you will need to get outside of that house and get searching!


This is one of those ‘tried and tested’ places to pick up girls. In my experience though, you won’t be getting too much of a long term relationship here as you won’t really find time to get to know the person, and there is way too much competition for the ‘good girls’, although if you want to be almost guaranteed a woman to take home that night, then the bar is the place to go. Just don’t hit on that bartender!


This isn’t going to be the best place to pick up girls, mainly since you can’t really move around and get talking to people (without being pulled up on it at least!). There will be a lot of girls around though, and many of them will travel in groups. I am sure you will find some way to get in there and start talking to them, even if it happens after you leave the restaurant. I do suggest you don’t hit on your waitress though. She would have been getting the same thing throughout the day, so it really won’t go down well!

Coffee Shops

This is one of the best places to pick up girls. Generally, when people go to a coffee shop they sit alone, and this means you have ample opportunity to go up there and just talk to them. Why not offer to buy them a coffee? If you do everything right, then you could get to at least talk to her. As I said though, it is going to require a lot of confidence. If she enjoys the chat, then you may even get a second ‘date’ out of her, just suggest a time and a place!


If you are religious then you will want to look for ‘like-minded’ girls who share your beliefs. What better way to do that then at church? You already know you have something in common, so just go for it! Get talking to her, you may succeed. Maybe invite her out for a coffee one time after church, you will be surprised at how often women actually say yes.


Girls absolutely love a guy who is willing to give up his time for somebody. Therefore volunteering is going to be one of the best ways to pick up girls. You will most likely see a number of listings in your area requesting volunteers, so answer a couple of these adverts! You will want to choose something that you are interested in though, I don’t see the sense of volunteering to look after dogs if you are afraid of them (happened to a guy I knew once!). One of the best things about volunteering is that it isn’t really deemed as a ‘guy’ activity, and for that reason you will certainly have your pick of the ladies. On top of all of that, you will also share common interests, and that is always good for kicking a relationship off.


If there is one thing girls love more than anything else in the world, it is shopping. Therefore, heading to the mall is a fantastic place to head if you are on the lookout for girls. You certainly will have your pick here, and they will keep coming and coming! This means that if you fail the first time, you are always going to have another go at it! If you really get them chatting to you, then there will also be a plethora of places around the mall which you can take them in order to continue your conversation.


The gym used to be seen primarily as a male domain. However, as more and more women are getting into fitness, the gyms are being absolutely filled to the brim with women. This therefore makes it a fantastic place to pick up a pretty little girl. You will have particular advantage here as women love a guy that looks after himself, and there is no better way to show that you care for your appearance than visiting a gym!


Not the best place in the world to pick up girls, but it is viable. By that I mean I wouldn’t head expressly to a supermarket in order to look for women. If you go here they will be about though, all it takes is the ability to muster up the confidence to talk to one of them! There isn’t anything quite like bonding over a frozen turkey.

Clubs and Associations

In my opinion, this is the best way to pick up women for a long term relationship, bar none. This sort of activity allows you to talk to women who share common interests, and that is the key to any successful relationship. Join as many clubs and associations as you can, this should help you find the perfect women for you. Although of course, only join things which you have an interest in.


Picking up women here is a bit of a challenge owing to how quiet you need to be, although if you are after the intellectual type, then it is one of the MUST BE places. Bond over a book that you have read, or if you are college help her to study. Just do anything to get her attention (Although be quiet!)

Dating Websites

Many people see dating websites as a bit of a ‘last resort’, although to be honest, this is one of the best places to find women. This is the ideal option for the slightly quieter guy, or one who simply doesn’t have time to go from woman to woman trying to find at least one who shares his interests. There are plenty of dating websites out there, so make sure you choose the right one for you!


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