Where to pick up girls in Portland, ME

Picking up girls in Portland, ME is often seen as tough task, but in reality, it isn’t all that difficult. It may just be the weather, but people are easy going there, you just have to know where to look. There are so many great bars and clubs there that are filled with women just waiting for guys to hook up with them. All you need to do is visit those places, flirt with a couple of girls, and bring them home. It is that simple.

Where To Pick Up Girls In Portland, ME? Below is a full list of the best places to go, take note of these places and do your little research before going into them to increase your chances of a successful date.

Below are the top list for pick up places in Portland:

Nosh Kitchen Bar

Nosh Kitchen Bar is a casual bar filled with beautiful women. It has a cosy friendly atmosphere, which brings the most decent women.

Bull Feeney’s

Bull Feeney’s is an authentic Irish pub, that tends to get a lot of tourists. In other words, the women you will see may not be local women.


The Oasis is a dance nightclub that gets some of the craziest party girls in all of Maine. They play great music, and the drinks are fairly priced.

Flask Lounge

The Flask Lounge is a dance club with a quite tiny bar, and so talking to girls won’t be all that difficult. You can either dance all night or just flirt around with girls.

The Plague

The Plague is also a dance club that usually rails in the gothic emo chicks, since the songs played are mostly goth themed. Overall, it’s quite a nice place to hang out.

Retro Night

Retro Night is a dance club that is filled with people in all ages and ethnicity’s since it isn’t far from the city. It is a nice place to meet women for sure.

Rock Dog Studios

Rock Dog Studios is the place to visit if you want to listen to genuine rock soul music while at the same time meet women with the same taste in music.

Mark’s Place

Mark’s Place is a cosy sports bar and dance club that is open from 7pm to 1am. This place doesn’t exactly get the crazy party girls, but the more decent girls just wanting to meet people while getting a little drunk.

Novare Res Bier Cafe

Novare Res Bier Cafe is a nice place to just have a drink and meet women. There is no dress code, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing up nicely.

Space Gallery

Space Gallery is an art gallery, music venue, and bar, making it a great place to start a conversation with women.

All of these places will really help you pick up girls in Portland, ME. If you ask me, it will be worth a try to visit out some of the places mentioned and take your chance of meeting up girls and picking them up.

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