Top 10 Places to Pick Up Girls in Las Vegas

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People go to Las Vegas for one reason – to have fun. As the saying goes “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. That is probably the reason why many visitors who go there are willing to experience and do things that they normally would not do at home. However, people have fun in many different ways. There are those who enjoy gambling and thankfully, that is one of the things that Las Vegas is known for. There are those who like eating and the buffets in Las Vegas are simply glorious. For the men, one of the ways to really have a blast is to pick up girls in Las Vegas. The question is where to go for this reason.

Bar + Bistro is a great place to visit if you want to pick up girls in Las Vegas. They are busiest on a Friday because of their famous sangria that they make themselves. Their wide selection of wine also draws the crowd, including some of the loveliest women in Nevada.

Frankies Tiki Room is also a great place to meet gals. They are famous for their Bacardi that they serve like water. Chances are, you’ll be all drunk but extremely happy when you leave.

Champagnes Café located at South Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas. It is one of the all time favorite bars there as it has been open for some time. The great thing is, you can visit the place any time as they are open 24 hours. Of course, if you are there for the ladies, it is still best to visit at night.

Crown & Anchor at the East Tropicana Avenue has a homey pub feel that other bars can’t capture. That is probably one of its appeals to the ladies. If you like your ladies with accents though, you’ll find that quite a number of British women hang out here.

The Griffin is known for its fireplace that is ablaze no matter how hot it is outside. It’s the perfect setting to buy a lady a drink or two and possibly strike a conversation with her.

Mix Lounge & Bar offers something that many bars cannot – a great view of the Vegas Strip without having to fly overhead. That is one of its allures that bring the girls and it also makes the place one of the best bars to pick up girls in Las Vegas.

If you’re a fan of the passionate color red, then go to Red Square as it brings Russia to the very doors of Vegas and all the lovely ladies as well.

Foundation Room is a great place to go to if you don’t really enjoy a large crowd but want an intimate conversation with your gal. It offers odd but oh so delicious alcoholic drinks such as PB&J cocktails. It’s definitely worth trying.

If you want to mix alcohol and gambling, The Deuce Lounge is for you. It’s a great place to meet ladies too. Perhaps one of them will be your lucky charm.

Minus 5 is an ice bar that can give you relief from the desert heat. It’s also cool enough to entice the girls which makes it a great bar to pick up girls in Las Vegas.

Although it can get a little touristy, you can’t go wrong going to House of Blues . It’s a great way to pick up girls in Orlando because both locals and visitors go there.

There you have it, the best places to pick up girls in Las Vegas. Be sure to be on your toes and have clean and safe fun with your new adventures.

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