Where to Pick up Girls in SF Bay Area

If you can’t find the perfect girl in San Francisco you are doing something wrong as this is a hub for beautiful, fun, classy and all around amazing girls and they are everywhere and anywhere any day of the week. Here are ten of the best places to run into them and hopefully get the conversation off on a good foot.

Bubble Lounge

Located at 714 Montgomery Street this lounge is on the elegant side as it’s located in the financial district. During the week it’s a great after five bar and on the weekends the trendy and available girls line the walls. The lounge is spacious enough that you can mingle comfortably and the dance floor on the basement level is the perfect place to get your groove on. Fridays are the bar’s most popular night and it gets pretty packed by 10 p.m. There is a dress code but there is no cover so deck out in your best and hit the dusty trail.


Harlot sits at 46 Minna Street and is also a favored spot on Fridays. For a lesser crowd it’s still a good option for Saturday as well. Gorgeous girls flock this area and it’s known to be trendy and Goth inspired so if you’re looking for a non-traditional kind of girl, this is a great place to start. This bar is a little smaller than others but it offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for mingling and hooking up.


Located in the Union Square district, Vessel is known to be the hang out spot for the most beautiful girls in the SF area. During the weekends it can become quite loud so it isn’t always conducive for talking but the DJs are kicking and the crowd is mixed in ethnicity and age. This is the place to be if you like stomping music and the party atmosphere but be weary—it has co-ed bathrooms and is said to get more than a little wild on Saturday nights!


Also in Union Square, Slide is directly beside Ruby Skye, another popular night club and is an underground club with an eclectic mix of people all looking for a good time. The girls here are fun and attractive, definitely laid back and ready to be chatted up.

Ruby Skye

If you don’t like the pickings at Slide, it’s a hop over to Ruby Skye and the selection of girls here is just as impressive, although this is a quieter bar than Slide. It’s a great place to meet girls if you like a subtle arena and want to actually talk and be heard. The drinks are great and reasonably priced.

Roe Night Club

Located on Howard Street, this three-story venue tends to be more popular on Friday than Saturday but you might get lucky either day. The basement is a cool place to hang and mingle and on the second and third floor there are DJs spinning the latest hits. It can get loud, but the dance floor is huge so you can move around comfortably. The girls range from 20’s to 40s so there is someone here for everyone.


Fillmore Street is always a fun place to begin and end a night if you’re looking for a nice choice of different girls to choose from. The entire block has a cozy atmosphere and Matrix is a favored hang out for women of all ages just waiting to be hit on. There is no cover charge on any night and it’s local enough that you can walk to other clubs in the area as well as restaurants.


Located at the perfectly named Mission Street, being on a mission to meet girls can definitely start here where the music isn’t too loud and the dance floor is separated from the lounge area so you can comfortably chat first and dance later. There is no cover and plenty of parking and girls like to come here in groups so the pickings aren’t slim.


This is a popular hangout for Berkeley girls so if intellectual conversation is what you are after this is your place to be. Very chilled and laidback, the crowd here is younger than at other bars and it has a very college feel to it but it’s small enough to be intimate and later in the evening it really can get kicking. There is an outdoor patio which is great for starry nights and plenty of pool tables if dancing isn’t your forte.

Ritual Coffee Roasters

For the non-bar scene, this trendy coffee shop is a local hangout for women and girls of all ages but is really popular for 20-somethings. It’s a great place to sit for hours and enjoy all the lattes you are after. Free Wi-Fi is one of the benefits here and lots of college girls choose this as their hang out so your opening line can always be “What’s your major?”

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