Where to pick up girls in Indianapolis, IN

Heading to Indianapolis, IN with the intention to pick up some lovely girls? Well, you are in luck! There are hundreds of top destinations in this fine city to pick up the ladies. On this page I want to share with you what I believe are ten of the best. You ready?

Crackers Comedy Club It is said that it is humour that brings together people. There is no place more humorous in Indianapolis, IN than Crackers Comedy Club. Every single night, some of the top comedians in the world ply their trade at this fantastic bar. You will be surprised at just who you may catch. Of course, the reason why you are there is to pick up some women. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of them here! You will have plenty of time to chat with them too. Once you leave you will have your pick of places to take them.

Nicky Blaine’s After a slightly more sophisticated lady? Well, Nicky Blaine’s bar is the place to head for that. Enjoy a gorgeous cocktail as you talk to some rather ‘high class’ ladies who are looking for a good time…perhaps with you!

Jazz Kitchen This is a place that I absolutely love. Here you will be able to listen to some top jazz music. The reason why I love it so much is that many of the women are going to want to actually dance with you. It may not be your standard pumping club, but there is a huge chance that you could end up getting lucky!

Fountain Square Theatre Don’t fancy hitting the tiles? Well, the Fountain Square Theatre has got your back. Here you will be able to bowl or take part in some rather cool dancing lessons. The girls here are absolutely lovely as well!

Rathskeller Nobody knows how to drink quite like the Germans. You can experience that in this fantastic bar where beer is free flowing. Some pretty lovely girls love to party here every single weekend, and most of them are looking for a bit of action. Grab yourself a beer, pluck up the courage and try your luck. Who knows, if you play your cards right you may end up with the lady of your dreams!

Average Joe’s Sports Pub Almost every major sports event is shown in this bar (as well as some pretty minor ones too!). It is a fantastic place to just let loose and hang out with your friends. The great thing is, some ladies have the same idea as you too. They will be more than willing to talk to you if you try!

Howl at the Moon This is a rather ‘laid back’ Piano bar. Again, you will be going for the more sophisticated clients here.

The Libertine This is a rather unique bar which has some rather unique drink and food on offer. I find that what they do is absolutely fantastic for allowing you to open up and talk to people. Good time all around!

Cadillac Ranch Party like a cowboy at this bar and restaurant. The mechanical bull is always a good way to pick up ladies. After all, they want to see how well you ride!

BARcelona Tapas This is a laid back Spanish bar which offers you plenty of opportunity to share some food with other people. It may not be as good as the others at allowing you to pick up ladies, but it certainly is fun.

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