Where to pick up girls in Washington DC?

Did you know that barely a quarter of women in Washington DC are actually married? This of course is going to be a single person’s dream! After all, there will be plenty of hot, single women out there looking for a date, or at least to hook up with someone for that evening. Of course, how do you go about finding girls in Washington DC? Well have no fear, this guide is going to tell you the exact best locations to find women in this area!

Firstly, Grand Central. This is a fantastic club that is packed to the brim with girls from all over the world. However, do be aware that the music on offer here isn’t exactly going to be to everybody’s taste, but there are a lot of women on offer here. There is no cover charge, which means entry is easy, and the food and drink on offer here are both excellent and cheap. Not the best place in the city to spend a whole evening, but it is somewhere good to heard in Washington DC if you are looking to pick up women sooner rather than later.

In my opinion, the women in Washington DC are slightly more sophisticated than the norm. This means that you need to head to somewhere where they are likely to be. Where better than a coffee shop? One of the best is ‘Busboys and Poets‘ which is packed to the brim with fine looking and intellectual women. Will take a bit of effort on your part to pick them up, but believe me, it is worth it. I suggest heading here after 8pm to get the pick of the action.

If you want a lot of women, and a chance to pick up women throughout the night then head to Front Page. It is a rather cheesy bar in Washington DC, but the majority of women here are going to be looking for men to hook up with, which means finding somebody should be delightfully easy, even if you have yet to perfect your moves!

Rogue is a fantastic bar too, although like most place in Washington DC, you are going to need to be on the lookout for how much you are likely to be spending. Spend too long here and your bank balance will slowly start to dwindle away! The sophisticated girl loves it though, and this is a great place to head if you have picked one up for elsewhere. This is the perfect location to woo her as the surroundings are great!

Science Club is the final one I want to mention. Sounds a little too intellectual for you? Don’t worry, it really isn’t. This is a club in the same vein as Front Page, although the drinks are slightly more expensive. The women are far hotter though which more than makes up for the price that you are going to be paying! This is a ‘must visit’.

There are of course plenty of locations throughout Washington DC to pick up girls. Jump from bar to bar until you find somewhere that tickles your fancy. Most of them will have a lot of hot girls on offer though, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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