Where to pick up girls in San Antonio, TX

girls in san antonio

Contrary to popular belief, the residents of Texas are a friendly bunch, particularly the women. However, you will not find them any friendlier than they come in San Antonio, Texas. Let’s take a little look at some of the top places that you can pick up women shall we?

The Friendly Spot I am going to kick off proceedings with this rather nifty bar. This is one of many open-air bars within Texas. This bar is a popular spot for the locals of San Antonio, TX. It is not hard to see why either. It is actually a brilliant place and certainly very unique. The beer is incredibly cheap too! I am sure that you will spot more than one lady here!

Cowboys Dancehall: You got to admit here, if there is one thing that people associated with Texas, it is cowboys. You can experience full cowboy tradition in this fantastic set of bars. Plenty of women congregate here every single night looking for a man to whisk them away on a steed. If you are looking for a place that oozes real Texan charm then this is where you need to be.

Bar 1919 If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated lady then you need to head on over to Bar 1919 in the afternoons. At the weekends this joint tends to be packed with twenty year olds, which is fantastic if you are into that sort of age group! It is a tad expensive though, so when you have worked your magic you may want to head somewhere else.

Ocho This must be one of the most sophisticated parts in all of San Antonio, TX. There is just something about it that is ever so artistic. There is quality live music every weekend, and that of course means that it is going to be rather simple to get a conversation going with the fairer sex.

Club Rio Love Latin rock? I am not surprise. It is really taking San Antonio by storm at the moment. In my opinion there is no better way to experience it than at Club Rio. Alcohol is flowing quite a lot here, and that of course means that it is going to be very simple for you to pluck up the courage to talk to some of the beautiful Latino girls that like to frequent this joint. This place comes much recommended from me.

Sam’s Burger Joint This is a wonderful place. In my opinion they boast some of the best burgers in Texas. This is coupled with a rather fantastic live music scene. Put them together and you have a place that is a haven for some lovely ladies. This is a must visit particularly at the weekend. You need to bear in mind that it is going to fill up pretty quickly though!

502 Bar Love your Indie music? Love major touring acts? Love fantastic music? Well, so do some of the best women in San Antonio, TX. This is why many of them like to head on over to 502 Bar, one of the hippest joints in the city. I am sure you will find plenty of people to talk to here!

Graham Central Station There are eight nightclubs in this building. You only need to pay one entrance fee. Think how many women are going to be there! (Hint: there will be a lot of them!). This is by far one of the best places in all of the city to pick up some women.

Boneshakers In the heart of San Antonio, TX lies a rather quaint building. It is perfectly bland on the outside, but locals know that inside magic happens. This is one of the best music joints out there and with events happening almost every night it certainly attracts some of the best women in the city.

Sunset Station This is the best live music venue in the city. As you know by now, live music attracts women. This means that there will be plenty of them for you to enjoy in this wonderful building!

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