What not to say to your girlfriend

The world is always too focused on ‘what to say to your girlfriend’, and I presume that is the reason why too many guys ‘slip up’ and say bad things to their girl which is going to stop romance in its tracks. In this article I am going to give you a few ideas about what you should under no circumstances be saying to your girlfriend. Of course, it isn’t a definitive list, but hopefully by the end you should be a little bit more sensible about what you say!

Whenever a list is created about what not to say to your girlfriend the point of mentioning ex-girlfriends always seems to fall all the way down the list. That isn’t going to happen here! You should never mention old girlfriends to your new one, even if you ‘insult’ them. That certainly means no ‘Sheila was a better kisser than you’ or ‘I liked it when Julie done this’. Neither of those isn’t to go down well, and not only will you end up hit, but she will also feel a bit inadequate.

Next thing that you certainly shouldn’t say is point out flaws in her appearance. Never say things like ‘you look like you have put on a bit of weight’, and when she asks you if she looks good in something, please say yes. That is what she wants. She doesn’t want you to criticize her fashion sense. Basically, you want to be giving assurances that she looks beautiful as much as possible!

Never mention any other women to your girlfriend. This means no mentioning that her friend is hot, or even that you want a threesome. If you want her to feel inadequate, then this is a short-cut to that however. I do urge you not to mention either though, she certainly won’t be hanging around for long! You need to let her know that she is the only girl for you!

Next up, never compare her to her mother. Which means no ‘you’re just like your mother’. Your girlfriend would have spent years trying to become a different woman to her mother, and she won’t ever want to be compared to her, as nice as her mother may be.

Girls are incredibly emotional beings, this isn’t a bad thing. When she is feeling a little bit emotional then you want to love and care for her, you don’t want to turn around and say the dreaded words ‘why are you so emotional’. That is just going to set her off even more, and if that happens, you best run!

Finally, never tell your girlfriend to ‘shut up’ if you feel they are talking too much. If you want a relationship to work then you need to listen to them. Honestly, this is the foundation of a good relationship, if you don’t want to listen, then go date a mute.

So there you have it, a list of things that you shouldn’t say to your girlfriend. I am sure that during this you must have been thinking ‘I’ve said some of that before’. Well, shame on you. However, you have been given a reprieve, don’t say it again, and you can get back to romantic times.

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