Romantic stuff to do with your girlfriend

Are you a guy who isn’t the most romantic at heart? Then you absolutely need this article. It is absolutely packed to the brim with ideas for romantic things to do with your girlfriend. Sure, it isn’t a ‘definitive’ guide, but it is the closest that you are going to get!

Of course, let’s go with the ‘age old’ dinner and a movie. This is the sort of thing that has been going since ancient times, well, not the movie part, but dates with dinner and entertainment have! This is the perfect date, just take her to her favourite restaurant and see a romantic comedy of some description. Honestly, you can’t go far wrong with this type of date. Make sure you take her to a movie she wants to see though, not too many girls go crazy by loud explosions and superheroes….unless Colin Farrell is involved at least. Alternatively, you could cook her a fine meal at home and then watch a movie that you have rented, just as romantic, but so much cheaper!

Can’t afford an expensive dinner? No worries. Take her to the local park after setting up a lovely picnic for her. Find a quiet location and look at the view. This is an almost perfect date, it is just so romantic. You could even throw in a game of Frisbee if you want the ultimate cliché of a date.

If Christmas is closing in then ice rinks will start appearing all over the country. Nothing says ‘romance’ like ice skating. Make sure you know how to though! Nothing screams ‘dead romance’ more than you constantly falling over (trust me on this one!). Although if she doesn’t know how, it is sort of cute as you can hold onto her!

You don’t even have to go out and spend money in order to be romantic. Why not stay at home and bond over a couple of board games or if you are truly in the 21st Century, a couple of video games? Bonding in this way is absolutely perfect. The most romantic thing to do here is to let her win! Girls that lose to their boyfriends won’t find it romantic at all.

Finally, the best romantic stuff to do with your girlfriend is something that she likes. If she loves museums then she will find that it is romantic to take her there (it shows you care). If you are lucky enough to have a girl that enjoys sports then take her to see her favourite team play. As long as you give her what you know she loves, and then you will be loved forever! Although if you do opt to take her shopping, don’t spend too much!

This is just a small smattering of some of the best romantic stuff to do with your girlfriend. Choose just a sample of these ideas (or all of them!) and spread out over a couple of weeks. Your girlfriend will truly believe that you are a romantic at heart, and that’s going to be great right?

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