Where to pick up girls in Los Angeles, California – Part II

pick up girls los angeles

Right, Los Angeles is a massive place. This means that there are a number of places to pick up girls. So many in fact that just one article was not enough for everything. Here are ten more hot destinations.

Golden Gopher I like this bar just for the name. However, you are most likely more interested in picking up girls. Thankfully, there are plenty of those on offer here. It is a very sophisticated bar with a lot of beautiful scenery. It is kind of quiet too which makes talking to the ladies dead simple. This is one of my top destinations in LA. You will see why if you head there.

Backstage Bar & Grill Karaoke Nights. What better way to pick up women? (if you can sing of course!). This is a fantastic bar with brilliant food. There are a lot of beautiful women here. Since they are in a karaoke bar then you know that they are up for a good time as well!

Eastside Luv This is a bar which is mainly frequented by Latino ladies. It is mainly a wine bar, but boy, at the weekends does it start to get wild in here. The music is sublime, the girls are sublime, and most of them will talk to you. Let’s be honest. What more do you want?

Boulevard3 Once you are in here you will know that you are in for a wild ride. This bar is themed after the slightly seedier side of Los Angeles. This means that the walls are covered in mug shots. The chicks here are very rock and roll. No fall out boy music creeps into the bar. Plenty of dark locations in here to get to know that lady’s tongue a little better.

The Rainbow If a place was good enough for Marilyn Monroe then it is good enough for you. Back in the 80’s this was known as the raunchiest joint in all of Los Angeles. It has lost a bit of its charm since then. However, many of the women who frequent this place are still up for a jolly good time.

Sardo’s Porn Star Karaoke. Need I say more? Just imagine how sexy that is!

4100 This is a very quiet bar with some very strong drinks on offer. The mood is brilliant and I am sure you will not find it too hard to pull a lovely lady in here.

Jumbo’s Clown Room This is one of many burlesque bars within Los Angeles. The women are great here too with a fantastic taste in music. Cheap drinks. Makes it a perfect night.

The Short Stop This is the perfect place to pick up women. It has been made for this (almost). There is a fantastic bar to chat up the women and a brilliant dance floor to woo them some more. It really is simple to pick up ladies here and I am sure you should not have any trouble whatsoever.

Public Locations I am going to round this off with public locations. After all, not all of us want to get drunk to pick up women. Head to a local park, a shopping center or even the library. There will be plenty of ladies to chat to here!

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