Where to Pick Up Girls in Boston

Cuchi Cuchi is synonymous with girls’ out activities. All kinds of girls from BFFs to bachelorettes are usually available for parties that go all night. A lot of bonding takes place in Cuchi Cuchi, which makes it a perfect spot for picking up girls.

Beehive bar – This place is known to have nice bartenders and a tasty cocktail. It’s also well lit hence giving you a clear view of what you need to see. It’s always flooded with girls of many types of girls. It’s up to the “picker” to choose.

Picking up Girls in Boston is incredibly easy, if you know the right places to go that is! The intention of this article is to highlight a couple of my favorite places, where I know that the girls lurk, and I know that if you put yourself out and get chatting to a couple, your chances of success are incredibly high no matter who you are!

As you are no doubt aware, Boston is an incredibly cultured city. This means that we have live venues galore. So just pick a couple of live venues that play the music that you love and head to one of the gigs. You will meet like minded females at the gigs, and this is absolutely perfect if you want to get chatting to them! One of the best locations to head is the House of Blues as they have a massive selection of different gigs covering different genres throughout the year, although any live venue will be fine.

One of the preferred haunts for many single ladies out there is the Julep Bar in High Street. The atmosphere in this bar is absolutely sublime. Head here at the weekend for the pick of the best women though!

The Cheers bar is also fantastic, plenty of tourists visit this world famous destination and thus it is perfect for picking up women who you aren’t looking to get into anything serious with. This is located in Beacon Street.

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